Have some knowledge from the trenches?

Thinking about contributing to training our fellow professionals on the frontlines? Read on...

Why should I be an author for Frontlines?

One ouf our main focusues is being a launchpad for professionals to be great authors, check out the benefits:

  • Publishing under a label gives you more credibility then doing it yourself. Not to mention more exposure.
  • We minimize the risks associated with publishing a book by giving you a launchpad. (More on that later)
  • Besides writing the material, we do all the annoying grunt work : ISBNs, Layout, Editing, Cover Design, Printing, Shipping and Fullfillment,etc.
  • Prestige sorta. Well, we aren't super famous (yet) but we do carefully select our authors and not just anyone can be a Frontlines author. So it represents a cool achievement.
  • You get the power of Frontlines marketing. We are spending money on ads, getting advance copies to bloggers and putting you on digital stores like Amazon and Apple. At the end of the day, you get the combined marketing power and brand of Frontlines working to sell your book.
  • You get to join a collective publisher that is out to help the industry. Okay, we are appealing to your soft-side but Frontlines is really about creating better more consumable design and technical education. It feels pretty cool when your experience can teach passionate up-and-comers how to get it done.

This seems super high-risk for you. What's in it for Frontlines?

Very honestly, we are not here to make money. Sure, we don't want to throw money down a hole or go bankrupt but most of us do just fine being awesome at our design and tech jobs. At the end of the day, Frontlines has 3 main goals:

  • We want people to learn practical seriously real skills that are actually essential to working in the industry.
  • We want to lower the barrier for digital professionals to get exposure for their awesomeness. Having a book to your name is pretty schweet.
  • Lets face it. The digital creative and tech industries are full of less than ideal projects and situations. Most books teach us how to work when everything is peachy and awesome. Frontlines wants to create a resource that cuts through the BS to the core of what makes a professional valuable.

Got it, how does it work?

Once you become an approved author, it goes like this:

  • Frontlines will purchase and register the ISBN Numbers for your book.
  • We will work with you to edit, prepare, format and finalize the layouts into our print and eBook format.
  • Frontlines will order the first round of printing for your book. The books will get shipped to the warehouse, ready to be shipped on demand.
  • The book goes up for Print Pre-Order and E-Book sale in Frontlines store. We also syndicate out to Amazon and Apple stores.
  • We send out advance copies (yes, you get a few too ) and promote the site via ads and various marketing deals.
  • If your book sells gang-busters, we will continue handling the printing, shipping and delivery of your books. (If your book isn't super in demand we will scale back to a print on demand approach)
  • You get a sweet cut of the money from each sale. We are aiming for roughly 30% - 50%. Honestly, a lot of factors play into this so we can't say right now. However, we are doing our best to get as much money to you for each sale as possible without losing us money.

A bit of back-story.

I’m Shawn Borsky, a designer and industry professional. This my newest brain-child. Frontlines is a small book publisher with a specfic focus. The idea is pretty straight-forward. Simply, there is a need for short, straight-up books about how we really get work done in design, programming, start-ups, animation, UI, well...you get the idea. Personally, I love other book publishers like Happy Cog's A Book Apart. However, I feel that even as amazing as A Book Apart is , there is a large number of designers and programmers that still get left out in the cold. I have been successful in applying my skills in the design industry. I learned hard lessons and got tremendous help from many people who were down in the trenches with me. I don’t think you need to be a rockstar to be a fantastic professional. For up-and-coming professionals success in the digital and tech world certainly seems daunting and unfair. Often too many design resources can leave you feeling overwelmed and lost in a sea of information. I have been there: A passionate and hungry designer craving someone to just sit down and explain what I really needed to know.

I want to help these people like my younger self... but in an easy, short and afforable book form. Frontlines is an incubator and resource for practical, hands-on, battle-proven design and tech education. I am looking for anyone who is a seasoned professional with a solid track record to write short, easy to read books and exactly how they excel in their craft.

I believe in this idea to an insane degree.I am personally putting much of my savings and expertise to work in getting these books produced and into paperback and e-book form; as well as marketed and shipped.

A few FAQs.

We do our best to be transparent, here are a few common questions:

What does it take to become an approved author?
1. You need to demonstrate that you have a strong track record and are an active and respected professional in your industry sector. We are looking for credible sources: Client Recommendations, Zerply Endorsements, previously published writing and LinkedIn Recommendations are ideal. Although, previous writing is not a requirement.
2. You need a book idea that can teach a tangible and practical concept or skill-set from your industry.

What topics are you looking for?
As long as your work falls within the creative and technology industry sectors, we want to publish some kick-ass material on it.
Some sectors that we already have in the works are:

  • Web Design
  • User Experience
  • Programming
  • Entrepenuership/Start-Ups
  • Video Game Design
  • Branding
  • Animation

How long are Frontlines books?
We are aiming for lengths between super-short to brief. Our target page counts for most of the books are 60 to 80 pages max.
We are focused on making books that teach you something and get you back to work. In our opinion, super long education books are a problem.

Does Frontlines care about my cover or layout?
Yes. We require you to use our book layout template and follow our cover style guide. In general, we will be handling your cover design and layout.
Currently, our cover style guide requires a piece of old propaganda art ( or custom art) and the solid color key of the industry sector.
Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions. Book printing ain't cheap and keeping it consistent will allow us to keep costs down and distribute books quickly.

Apply to be an Author

As a note, we respond to each an every person who submits to become an author with us. We are small and passionate. Thanks in advance for your interest.
What we are looking for:

  • A demonstration of your track record: Demonstrate that you have a strong track record and are an active and respected professional in your industry sector. Ideal Sources: Client Recommendations, Zerply Endorsements, previously published writing and LinkedIn Recommendations. Although, we have no specfic requirements. We just want to make sure you know what you are talking about :)
  • Your book idea ( or draft), page estimate, color pages ( if any)
  • Please let us know if you are planning to have a colleague write a foreword ( this is not required but is encouraged) or if you need help finding one.
  • Your delivery time-line : When you can have the draft done and deadlines you would feel comfortable commiting to.
  • Any questions you may have.

Ready to Apply:
Send us an e-mail at authors@frontlinesbooks.com